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Recovery from narcotics and all mind-altering substances

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Welcome to Drug Addicts Anonymous BC

DAA Canada was founded simultaneously in Vancouver, BC (April 25, 2013) and Toronto, BC (May 4, 2013), by two groups of recovered drug addicts.

DAA is a fellowship of men and women who have recovered, or are recovering, from drug addiction by following the Twelve Steps -- a tried and tested programme of practical spiritual action. We use the traditional Twelve Step programme outlined in the Alcoholics Anonymous Basic Text, and no other method. Our fellowship attracts drug addicts from many walks of life, who between them have used many different drugs, both legal and illegal. Nonetheless, we share a common problem and, more importantly, a common solution that has transformed our lives. Our primary purpose is to remain drug-free and to help other drug addicts achieve the same freedom. DAA membership is open to anyone who has a desire to stop using narcotics, or any other mind- altering substance, yet finds him or herself unable to do so. There are no membership fees or dues.

The structure of DAA is quite different from other organizations or agencies. Members themselves, without payment, perform all our services voluntarily. There are no rules, no regulations, and no official set of procedures or governing authority. Instead, DAA is a fellowship of peers that follows tradition, experience, suggestion and example. The principal operating unit of DAA is the local group. Each group is autonomous and has no hierarchy. Leadership roles are rotated, along with the various jobs involved in running safe, friendly and accessible meetings.

DAA is a free service, funded solely by its members' voluntary contributions. Once running costs have been deducted, surplus funds are used to inform the general public about DAA, and to carry our message of freedom from drug addiction. We carry this message directly to drug addicts who still suffer, and indirectly through individuals and organizations such as your own. Co-operation between our Public Information committees and professionals like you, who work with drug addicts, is therefore of vital importance to us.

Disclaimer:The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions are adapted with permission from A.A. World Services, Inc. The permission to adapt AA’s Steps does not imply an endorsement or affiliation with DAA.